Power from biomass

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Gasification is a thermo-chemical reaction without oxygen in which there is a rapid heating of the input material. This leads to hydrocarbon chains fission, and thus the solid state input is converted into gaseous state. The resulting gas is then used as fuel for engine drive in cogeneration units, and subsequently production of heat and electricity is realised.
The energy value of the process or some other energy utilization is increased by the use of the released gases and liquids.

The electricity produced in the cogeneration unit or in the turbine is supplied to the distribution system through high voltage transformation station for the guaranteed purchase price.

To achieve the highest return of the costs on this complex power generation equipment, particularly with regard to current legislation, the most effective is production of power plants with a total installed capacity of 0,999 MW.

The heat produced as a by-product at electricity production can be used to sell for thermal management, or for any other projects where you need to use steam or hot water.
Another alternative is the use of the heat to the next electricity production for example ORC cycle- Organic Rankine Cycle.
Although gasification has been known for several decades, we have managed to improve this technology, and the result is a unique technology which we are offering.



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Biomass Energy

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